Adhesive Capsulitis Pain Relief

Call (702) 830-9955 Dr. Gary L. Wagoner in Las Vegas, NV. Adhesive Capsulitis treatment and pain relief. Over 17 years of experience. Adhesive Capsulitis is a very painful, stressful and debilitating condition typically of the shoulder or hip, but any joint in the body can develop adhesive capsulitis. Dr. Gary L. Wagoner can help you achieve immediate and lasting pain relief with an increase of range of motion of your shoulders or your hips. Dr. Gary L. Wagoner is certified to perform Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) on your shoulders or hips. During Manipulation Under Anesthesia the patient is under Twilight sleep for about 10 minutes. There is no surgery performed, so that means there are no ugly stitches, scars or any down time from work. MUA is the best non-invasive treatment for adhesive capsulitis and is much safer than surgery. Adhesive Capsulitis affects millions of people each year. Don't risk a dangerous shoulder surgery when MUA can bring immediate relief with no down time. Call Dr. Gary L. Wagoner at (702) 830-9955 for your free MUA consultation. We accept all medical and automobile insurance. HSA accounts, credit cards, and attorney liens are accepted. Financing is available with no credit check. We have immediate appointments in the morning, afternoon,evening and weekends.  


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